Foundation: Dual Language Immersion Proficiency Builders

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Entry level Readers for immersion students. These beautifully illustrated books feature fun and engaging stories, teaching simple sentences and basic character recognition. Covers 10 units. Each unit comprises one 'Teacher', one 'Student' and one' We Read' story.

  • 2 'Teacher Read' Big Books (5 stories per book). Size: 28.5x42cms
  • 10 'Student Read' books. Size: 20x20cms
  • 10 'We Read' books Size: 20x20cms
  • Teaches 47 targeted Chinese characters*
  • Introduce 196 framework vocabulary





*Targeted vocabulary are identified for each unit, aligning with a selected scope and sequence that builds languages proficiency through spiraling and repetition. 

#Framework vocabulary are those words used to create a story other than the specified Target Vocabulary. Students will repeatedly encounter these Framework Vocabulary words within different levels and unites which adds to their vocabulary and builds proficiency across all four language skills. 




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