Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom

The Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom offers an integrated range of fun books and learning tools that have been designed to be user-friendly and engaging, allowing each student to follow their individual learning journey. It allows students to practice their reading, writing, listening and speaking both in the classroom and independently at home.

The complete online classroom includes 1,200+ books, introducing 2,500+ Chinese characters in multiple levels and includes access to over 1,750 Chinese readers. Each e-book includes mini-tests to assess children’s comprehension of character recognition, listening and stroke order skills. In total there are over 16,000 exercises and 10,000 supporting materials, e-activities and games to enable parents and teachers to evaluate children’s advancement.

A fully integrated teacher’s interface allows seamless homework marking, reporting and work assignments. Prices start from US$99 per child per year. School and district discounts are available upon request. To see a short demonstration please click here