About Us

The Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom and supporting print materials offer a complete learning solution with an integrated range of learning tools designed to be user-friendly and easily accessible. Students can access thousands of books, games, activities, and assessments anytime and anywhere through the online classroom. 

With a customizable, online learning platform designed to support learners of Mandarin as a second language from kindergarten through to middle school, our fun and interactive interface supports students in achieving language proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and, listening. 

Mandarin Matrix has impacted over 350,000 learners worldwide in 25+ countries.

Learning Mandarin is the key to opening doors.

Young children are wired to acquire languages, and the earlier they start, the easier it is. Exposure to language and culture is beneficial in preparing children for their future in a unique way. By providing children with the opportunity to learn Chinese in a fun and easy way from an early age, Mandarin Matrix (MMX) can significantly differentiate young people’s lives and open doors. The mission of MMX is to increase Chinese fluency and literacy across the world by delivering exceptional learning resources that are fun and engaging.

Mandarin Matrix products are designed to ensure that new words are revisited and extended upon in higher levels, also known as spiral learning. The learning materials use Chinese characters and content common to curricula worldwide, including NCSSFL-ACTFL, AP, SAT, IB (PYP and MYP), YCT, Common Core, IGCSE, GCSE, and NCEA.

Students learn and practice the four key language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, in a fun and engaging way. With the Online Classroom, students can access thousands of books, games, activities, and assessments safely and quickly, anytime and anywhere. Students can use the Online Classroom in school as a class learning tool and or at home.

For over 10 years, Mandarin Matrix has been working closely with teachers, students and their families in Asia, the UK and the US to make a meaningful difference in students’ lives, opening doors to develop real-life skills and create lifelong advantages in the workplace and beyond.

1.jpg Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom

Learn and play with Mandarin Matrix. Interactive, fun and challenging. Excellent support tool for teachers. Target learning of 1,750+ Chinese characters. Winner of US 2013 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award.


 storylines-150-x-150.jpg  Story-based Readers

Short story-based narratives that are authentic to students lives and experiences. Based around everyday themes of school, family and playtime, the series incorporates Rebus images to help expand the stories themes beyond the set scope and sequence.


utah-reader-150x150.jpgDual Language Immersion

Developed with the University of Utah Confucius Institute, the Readers and Online Classroom have been designed for Dual Language Immersion programs, teaching children from kindergarten and grade 1 with plans to expand through to grade 6.


yct-reader-150x150.jpgYouth Chinese Test (YCT)

Mandarin Matrix YCT teaching and learning materials are endorsed by The Confucius Institute of China. Mandarin Matrix YCT Readers and Flashcards are available in print and on the Mandarin Matrix Online Classroom. The products are aligned with YCT testing 1 to 4.


orange-reader-150x150.jpgTheme Based Chinese Readers

240 story books ranging from beginner to advanced and divided into 6 colour-coded levels (Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown, Red). Stories are fun, fresh and engaging to introduce new vocabulary, Chinese characters and grammar in a systematic way.


max-mei-150x150.jpgMax and Mei Storybooks

Bilingual series designed to strengthen young children’s Mandarin comprehension skills through engaging story books, audio books, activity books and game cards.


pangu-150x150.jpgPangu Contemporary Culture Comics

Chinese comic series designed to help intermediate to advanced readers reinforce and build on their Chinese vocabulary and reading skills.