Dual Language Immersion Series

The Dual Language Immersion series is designed specifically for Mandarin immersion schools, from kindergarten onwards. Developed with the University of Utah Confucius Institute, the series includes Online Classroom, Readers, Big Books and extensive worksheets.

The first books are written for Kindergarten, offering separate narratives for “Teacher Read”, “We Read” and “Student Read” scenarios. The books are beautifully illustrated and use American themes in fun and engaging stories. To support this level there is a full range of worksheets, whose exercises and tests correspond to the characters learnt in each of the Readers  

Grade 1 builds on the vocabulary with 45 more advanced Readers and accompanying Grade 1 worksheets.

Grade 2 continues the entertaining stories in 45 Readers, which introduce 100 new characters, in 390 vocabulary structures. The Grade 2 worksheets will be published in the fall.