Pangu #2: Wushu Championships

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Lily and Kai have been spending more time with their new friends – and Lin is giving them lessons in the Chinese martial art of Wushu. In this second book of the series, Pangu teaches the children about the Qing Ming festival, and they learn about the importance of honouring your ancestors. The day before an important Wushu competition, the twins and their supernatural friends must save the resting place of their grandparents – will their altercation with Doom Construction prevent Kai from showing off his moves, or will Pangu and his Crew help them save the day… and win the competition?

  • Inspired by the legend of Pangu
  • Action-packed comic for higher-level students
  • Dialogue-driven, helps students understand how their vocabulary can be applied in conversation
  • Uses visual clues to aid comprehension