Chinese Festival Collection

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Enrich your children's Chinese culture with our new Chinese Festivals Collection

This collection was specially made to introduce Chinese festivals and specific words in simplified Chinese. 

The collection has 11 books + 1 activity book:

  • 中国的日 - China’s Festivals: Teach your kids the different Chinese festivals that are celebrated during the year!
  • 日 - Celebrating Festivals: Learn what are the customs that people usually do during the celebrations. 

  • 节 - Spring Festival: Read how Chinese New Year is celebrated. 

  • “年”的传说 - The Legend of Nian: Learn about Nian and what people used to do to keep him away.

  • 食在春节 - Chinese New Year Food: Discover with your kids what foods are popular during Chinese New Year. 

  • 今年春节我们跳舞 - Chinese New Year Dance: Read how kids prepare for the Chinese New Year Dance. 

  • 我要做什么? - Making a Choice: Find out how Duodou participates in the Chinese New Year celebrations. 

  • 晚会开始了 - The Party Starts: Read how kids celebrate Chinese New Year at school. 

  • 清明节 - Qing Ming Festival: Learn how this interesting festival started.

  • 端午节 - Dragon Boat Festival: Read about Qu's legend and how the Dragon Boat Festival became popular.

  • 中秋 - Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival: Learn what kids usually do during the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

  • 1 activity book with several activities to train writing and comprehension skills.

    This set is suitable for learners at intermediate levels.

  • Books size: 20x20 cms

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